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Direct Thermal Printers → Shop

Direct Thermal Printers dye the thermo-sensitive paper by heat. No toner, no ink or other consumables needed.

Since only one roll or cassette needs to be loaded, the printers are easy to use and refill; It takes very little instruction to use the devices.

The heat sensitivity of the materials leads to a limited lifetime, while specific materials (e. g. provided with special coatings) have relatively high resistance even under heat or sunlight.

The print is usually monchromatic.

Direct thermal printing is often used in temporary applications, such as shipping labels, receipts and tickets.

Thermal Transfer Printers → Shop

Thermal Transfer Printers heat special films coated with temperature-sensitive and inks (e. g. wax, resin, wax/resin). The color is melted on the material to be printed.

Through this process one can print on various kinds of materials (paper, vinyl, polyester, polypropylene, polyester, textiles and much more).

The labels are be extremely durable depending on the materials used and the matching of the correct ribbon to the material.

When properly matched, the prints have high edge sharpness and contrast richness.

Depending on the material to be printed and the selection of the ink ribbon, the printing costs can be comparatively low because the material which is to be printed on does not have to be thermosensitive, as is the case with direct thermal printing.

Due to the longevity of the prints as well as the high edge sharpness and the contrast richness, this printing principle is often used when printing barcodes and/or labels for permanent applications, such as e. g. nameplates, imprints of serial numbers, etc.

With only a few exceptions thermal transfer printers can also print thermal direct labels.

We have a plethora of labels available in our webshop. Please see our info on printable materials for more details.

Inkjet Printers → Shop

With inkjet printers you can easily customize and print your own color labels or signs. Whether it's packaging labels with color logos and images, or tickets and visitor badges/badges with important barcodes and product information, this printer lets you print it all from one machine.

ZINK Printers (zero-ink) → Shop

ZINK (zero-ink) printers are a special kind of direct thermal printers, which also do not need ink or toner.

Thanks to the ZINK printing technology, coloured labels and photos can be printed crystal clear. These printers can be used for a variety of applications, e.g. in visitor and event management, office organization, building management or for creative and private use.